How Much Does A Brick Mailbox Cost

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Brick Mailbox Cost

How Much Does A Brick Mailbox Cost – Brick, either pre-compiled or custom, will need to be installed on a concrete base or base for greater durability and safety. The base and place the first bricks directly on the still wet concrete or on a lower layer of concrete- covered concrete blocks. Assembled bins of different sizes and types have different installation instructions, but the greater participation of the placement in a concrete base.

Generally, brick mailbox cost is $ 250 to $ 1,200 as of July 2011. While it may sound like a great range, a wide variety of sizes and choices of materials are available, and decorative bricklayers usually charge $ 50 per hour and up for your time. For $ 250 you simply get a fairly generic prebuilt brick mailbox, but those who are willing to spend $ 1,000. lists several models of low-cost pre-built brick mailboxes for sale ranging from $ 250 to $ 400.AAA Brick Mailbox displays illustrations of several favorite models of high-level brick mailboxes on your website, with prices Ranging from $ 800 to $ 1,100. These pre-designed brick mailboxes typically column style mailboxes, with a large internal capacity.

Custom brick mailbox cost start around $ 350 and reach up to several thousand dollars. According to PDQ Mailboxes, typical brick mailboxes range facility from $ 700 to $ 1,100. Custom bricks are usually constructed with the same or similar style bricks for you Coincide with the decoration of the house. These mailboxes almost always enclose a high-quality steel, copper or brass mailbox and are often security boxes with locks and made of high strength steel.

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